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Silk is so versatile

Both in combination with other materials and in the quality of its many different applications, silk is as rich in wonder as it is in variety …

The silk connection

Silk is greatly desirable when woven with synthetic fibres like elastane or fancy yarn (our Wild silk with fancy yarn, Satin with elastane). It has steadily grown in popularity in the fashion industry. The blend of comfort and glamour is one example of a lasting trend which shows no sign of waning, and the excitement is mounting as to which fabric silk will form a “liaison” with next season.

Silk is synonymous with haute couture

Cutting-edge technology has never been indicative of any trend in the fashion industry, however. This still holds true today, including when it comes to the production of pure silk. The traditional production method is still an impossible act to follow and is further proof of the exclusivity of these yarns. This is also evident by the growing appreciation and demand for the quality of Barth & Könenkamp silk among distinguished couturiers and designers. Almost every day a swatch leaves the premises bound for Paris, Milan or London. Every item made of silk catches the eye on the catwalks and adds a touch of gloss to every collection by the variety of drape and firmness alone. A look enhanced with silk remains indisputably timeless, elegant and always refined.

A wedding without silk is like …

… a dirndl without an apron. This most beautiful day deserves no less than a fabric of a very special style, whether it be the heavy, glossy and elegant Duchesse, the sheer Organza, or the soft drape of Chiffon or Satin. The right choice for the occasion is silk – and so it will remain as an expression of beauty and grace.

Apropos the dirndl. This garment is also suitable for weddings if you say “I do” in traditional style – as you might in Austria, Bavaria and even Switzerland in costumes made of the finest silks that Barth & Könenkamp Seiden has to offer.

Embroidered details and Jacquard weaves combined with velvet or lace are simply part of the scenery in the beer tents at the Oktoberfest and the must-wear style among all the celebrities there.

On top? Underneath!

The fabric synonymous with seduction is … held under wraps in lingerie or undergarments, with soft Pure Silk Satin or delicate sheer Chiffon or Organza inviting a lingering look or an admiring gaze. Intermingled with lace and caressing the skin, silk has for centuries held secrets waiting to be revealed.

Silk also makes a stunning lining inside the most beautiful pieces of clothing. Habotai silk is particularly suitable for inside linings, slips and petticoats. Whether matt or shiny, it comes in a wide range of colours and it is light, soft and comfortable to wear, having the ability to bring coolness or warmth depending on the temperature.

As timeless as the Pope

What does the Pope actually wear? What is fitting for this ministry, authority, spirituality and this sense of other-worldliness? The answer is silk, and has been for generations. Its splendour gives dignity to the office. Fabric for ecclesiastical purposes, such as liturgical vestments and chasubles for Mass, is mainly made with Honan silk and/or Takubar silk in a heavy Dupion weave. They have the impact required for the clerical regalia and tiara.

Light silk of the Chiffon or Habotai variety is indispensable for the spiritual dances like eurhythmy.

Silk is also in vogue in interior design

Quite apart from the elegance and luxury in the look and feel of silk, it is also possible, with proven processing technologies, to add a practical element to silk, such as a flame-retardant finish.

This is an important factor in the furniture industry, especially in the special fabrics or wallpaper which are used in offices and hotels when fire safety is paramount. The noble thread is also popular for curtains and upholstery fabrics as well as in interior design and decoration as a whole.

The individuality of Bourette or Wild silk, for example, combines the emotion of atmosphere with the advantages of strength and durability. Honan or Dupion silks are captivating with their strong colouring and subtle sheen, enhancing each individual piece of furniture and adding a beautiful shimmering touch.

Please note, by the way, that we also play more than a supporting role on stages and in theatres. Famous costume designers from all over Europe order our silks.