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Caspar Schalk
Managing Director  

“As the representative of the third generation of management, I feel a strong bond with the company and put my heart and soul into the silk trade. I have known the traders from India and China since a very young age, and it is now my responsibility as the director to steer the company into a contemporary, up to date direction while maintaining a strong connection to the companies' traditions. ”

Favourite silk: 3091C, Doupion Taffeta and the handmade Wild silks

Marc Wenau
General Manager 

“I have been at Barth & Könenkamp Seiden since my apprenticeship here and I do not regret one single day in this company. The scope for turning a traditional trade into an innovative business is as wide as the range of colours of our doupion silks.”

Favourite silk: 3090 Doupion silk

Britta Hohenspein
Customer Service  

“I have also been working in the Parkallee for many years. The new generation will bring new customers, and the silk business will change. It’s exciting!”

Favourite silk: Ashoka silk – because of its linen-look weave

Sigrid Egbers
Bookkeeping, Customer Service  

Favourite silk: “I like Crêpe Satin silk. It is soft and flowing which for me is the character of silk.”

Alexander Schelling
Stock Management, Shipping  

Favourite silk: “My favourite silk is Crêpe Satin with elastane because I love its fine texture.”

Martina Schelling
Stock Management, Swatch dispatch  

Favourite silk: 3090, Indian Doupion silk

Susanne Kahrs
Swatch dispatch  

Favourite silk: “My favourite colours are wild berry shades. I like the iridescent colours of 3090 Doupion. And I also like the two-tone chiffon.”

Katrin Wirth
Customer Service 

Favourite silk: "My favorite silk is art. 3018 Crepe Marocaine"

Feel Good Manager 

Favourite silk: Woof