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We at Barth & Könenkamp have a long tradition in the silk trade and therefore we also have experience with this natural fibre. There are a few facts which are important to know in order to handle this fine thread correctly and to care for it properly. Silk is available in a wide variety of finishes. From matt, burled wild silk right through to flowing chiffon, this natural fibre offers a breadth of appearance, drape, strength and weight that hardly any other fibre can match.

First of all, silk is a very fine animal protein fibre which needs special care due to its nature and qualities. Under the German act on textile labelling, only 100% pure silk may be sold as “silk”. Therefore, when buying this natural fibre, it is important to note whether it is labelled as “silk” or “pure silk” or whether it carries the Silk Mark which is recognised worldwide as an indication of purity.


As with cashmere, it is always advisable to consider whether your favourite silk item really needs to be cleaned. If there are no visible stains, the silk item will only need to be aired. Caution: keep out of direct sunlight!


In order to extend the life of silk, a few rules must be followed:

  • Avoid the garments to get in touch with perspiration and/ or water 
  • Take soiled clothes to the dry-cleaner as soon as possible after use
  • Never remove stains yourself
  • Pure silk fabrics cannot be dyed with indanthrene dyes (lightfast and colour-fast)

A word about the storage of silk …

The precious silk should be stored in a clean and dry place out of direct sunlight. Moths can also pose a risk to silk. You should therefore wrap silk items in cotton or breathable fabrics, keep them out of direct sunlight and avoid storing them in plastic as this can generate moisture and lead to discolouration or mould. Taking the above measures will prevent the fibres from losing their lustre or becoming damaged.