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Like many Hanseatic trading houses, Barth & Könenkamp is conscious of its profound links with the traditions of the past. As the storage of rolls and bolts of all Silks of the world is an invaluable asset in the vaults of the Parkallee in Bremen, so the storage of knowledge in our company about this precious fibre is an asset to which barely any other import and export enterprise can lay claim to. 

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Swatch orders

We will be happy to send you swatches on request.

If you have any questions, our staff will be delighted to help you and advise you on our product range, either by telephone or by email.


We have a wide selection of colours in a variety of finishes.

From bourette silk, twill, tweed and jacquards right through to wild silk, our extensive range has something to offer for every occasion.


Our customers appreciate the variety of our silk qualities.

We make regular visits to India and China and can guarantee that we only import the best quality silks from the producing countries.


Deliveries are fast, reliable and inexpensive.

We are the fastest: if we receive a swatch order by 11:00 hours, the swatches will be with you on the next working day or the day after that within Germany.


The company sees itself as remaining within the tradition of the “honourable businessman” and is duty-bound to uphold values like responsibility, openness, loyalty, determination and sustainability.
Barth & Könenkamp cultivates an ethos of honesty and respect. This culture is fostered not only among employees, but also in relation to customers, trading partners and production sites. Barth & Könenkamp is conscientious, reliable, sustainable and socially responsible in its business practices.

“The phrase ‘we don’t have it’ is not actually in our vocabulary”
Marc Wenau, Back office manager

Marc Wenau, connoisseur and master of the range, knows what he is talking about. Because the unique stock of all known types of silk – mainly from China and India – is worthy of the epithet “all-embracing”. From handwoven wild silk to jacquard weaves, there is nothing we don't have. And there is a choice of many colours too.

“We can get just about anything we don’t have in stock. We have built up such a wide network in the trade that we can easily supply the best goods. Even in small quantities. Not every importer can offer such a fast and reliable service.” (Caspar Schalk)

As a member of the International Silk Association (ISA), Barth & Könenkamp is well connected. This organisation boasts members in 40 countries and has managed to establish a global forum in 70 years. The stated aims of the ISA are to open the markets, including for small production plants, to fight for better working conditions, and to encourage lively debate among all the member countries. Barth & Könenkamp is making an active contribution to achieving these goals.

Caspar Schalk
Managing Director  

“As the representative of the third generation of management, I feel a strong bond with the company and put my heart and soul into the silk trade. I have known the traders from India and China since a very young age, and it is now my responsibility as the director to steer the company into a contemporary, up to date direction while maintaining a strong connection to the companies' traditions. ”

Favourite silk: 3091C, Doupion Taffeta and the handmade Wild silks

Marc Wenau
General Manager 

“I have been at Barth & Könenkamp Seiden since my apprenticeship here and I do not regret one single day in this company. The scope for turning a traditional trade into an innovative business is as wide as the range of colours of our doupion silks.”

Favourite silk: 3090 Doupion silk

Britta Hohenspein
Customer Service  

“I have also been working in the Parkallee for many years. The new generation will bring new customers, and the silk business will change. It’s exciting!”

Favourite silk: Ashoka silk – because of its linen-look weave


Barth & Könenkamp Seiden takes the lead in the variety of qualities and colours. Reliability, speed and quality are values which have been lived out by the company and appreciated by its customers for decades. The spectrum ranges from light and flowing all the way to heavy and stiff. We offer a broad selection of silks for every event and every occasion.

Our online catalogue shows the full breadth of our silk range. Take a look!

We will be happy to send you swatches on request. Do you have any wishes or suggestions? Then please get in contact with us. 

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