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Mulberry silk - The worlds most exclusive silk

With its even and fine structure mulberry silk is the highest quality silk type. At the loom it is further processed into the most exclusive silk finishes

Often referred to as cultivated silk, it comes, as the name suggests, from the silkworm of the mulberry spinner (Bombyx Mori). 

The silkworms feed exclusively on leaves of the mulberry tree until they finally pupate by using a thread of up to 900 m length. Thus the cocoon of the silkworms forms the basis of the later yarn.

To detach the sericin from the thread , the cocoons must be treated with steam, among other things, as part of the complex production process. The silk thread is finally seperated from the cocoon by reeling and then further processed into yarn. 

In addittion to its particularly fine and smooth surface, the most important characteristics of mulberry  silk include the excellent absorption capacity of the most brilliant colors. 

In our range you can find many qualities made of mulberry silk. Some examples are Satin, Duchesse, China Habotai(Ponge), Organza, Matka and so on.