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Degummed silk? We clarify

Raw silk has a hard, matt and rough surface. Characteristics, which are untypical for the generally known soft and glossy silk fabrics. Because of this, raw silk has to be degummed.

To give the silk its shine and characteristic soft feel, the fibres must be freed from the sericin.

Sericin are proteins of the silk spinner Bombyx Mori, which were used by the animal to bond the single silk fibres.

Therefore degumming represents a process of refining raw silk towards an exclusive end product. In this process the silk is moved through a hot soap bath and then dried. The glossy silk filaments were uncovered and the silk fabric gets its natural shine and smooth grip.

A well known, not completely degummed silk of our range is Fuji Silk. The silk glue is partly preserved in the fabric and gives the Fuji silk its character.